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Case study 2


Software company, developing and selling security software worldwide. After analysing the market potential in Hungary, client decided to create a new position, Distribution Manager Retail.


To find a candidate for the job of Distribution Manager who will bring knowledge and contacts for the distribution network especially the retail chain, and thereby strengthen the client's existing position in this segment. Likewise he must have proven experience to motivate and acquire business partners, manage supporting activities and be able to work mostly from a home office.


In a discussion with our existing client about the possibilities of growth in Hungary, we identified the sphere of retail and distribution as a market with good potential for his product. The software supplied by the client was well established in the corporate segment where all sales efforts have been concentrated so far.

After agreeing to create a new job, we were appointed to select suitable candidates. In view of our participation in the creation of the job we had a very good idea about the profile and personality, and compiled a longlist using direct search and recommendations from our contacts. After 6 weeks we presented a shortlist.


The chosen candidate brought a network of contacts from retail chains and retailers. Together with high business drive, she was able in the first year to exceed planned sales and increase the volume of sales in this sales channel more than 10-fold. The rising sales trend in partnership sales was also confirmed in the year to follow. The result is greater diversification of the client portfolio and higher resistance to the fluctuating demand in individual segments of the Hungarian market.