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Case study 4


International banking group. When assessing customer satisfaction it was decided to change the management of the Customer Care Centre. In line with the new corporate strategy, this was not only to become a high quality passive communication tool for customer relations, but also an active sales channel.


Our task was to find candidates with experience in building and managing the call centre with at least 30 operators. The candidates were to come from an environment of strong customer-orientated companies and also be experienced not only in managing a call centre as an information line, but also as an active sales channel. They also had to show their experience with setting up a telesales process and with the motivation of telesales operators. They also had to handle communication and cooperate with a number of other company departments.


In view of the need to coordinate Czech or Slovak operators at the Prague company's central office the search was limited to the Czech Republic and Slovakia. We focused on companies operating large in-house call centres and commercial call centres.

The quality of candidates from the in-house and commercial call centres was comparable and enabled us to compile a very good quality longlist of 50 qualified managers. In view of having to set the responsibility for this job, i.e. and of building de facto a new customer care centre, it was also interesting for managers in similar jobs at other companies who felt the need for change and saw an excellent opportunity to make use of their experience. We managed to compile the shortlist in 6 weeks.


The new Customer Care Manager passed a thorough induction course on corporate products and processes, including a 2-week placement at the company's head office abroad which monitored the project in detail because it was also used as a pilot project for other countries in the Central and Eastern European region.

After taking over the call centre from the temporary manager, 80% of the operators were replaced after an audit was conducted of their knowledge and qualifications. In 3 months new operators were recruited to the call centre who received product training and the telesales pilot project was launched. After the first year the quality of the call centre is perceived by customers as being significantly better and has moved from the last 12th place to 3rd place as part of an independent external survey. Telesales were also successfully launched and its implementation in Poland and Slovakia is managed from the Czech Republic by the candidate we found.