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Case study 3


Global developer and investment company with global activities and investments in energy, real estate, telecommunications and the entertainment industry. The investment fund had taken over a major residential developer in the Balkan countries worth 110 million EUR.


To find candidates for the job of Development Manager who will be responsible for managing all activities applying to residential development on the Romanian market. The principal task is to take over several projects at various stages of preparation and construction from the previous owner. He will also be responsible in the long-term for looking for investment opportunities and for any possible acquisitions.


The job was another of several orders from the existing client. We quickly understood the details of the job and requirements, and began to work on looking for potential candidates, while there was no condition to look for candidates only on the local market. We used our knowledge and contacts even on other markets and gradually contacted potential candidates not only in Romania, but also the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary.

After 7 weeks we compiled a shortlist of 6 candidates of which 4 were localised outside Romania. Each candidate brought the required knowledge and experience, and the client organised 2 rounds of interviews with each of the presented candidates before the final decision.

We subsequently negotiated job terms and conditions on behalf of the client with the selected candidate from the Czech Republic, including conditions of relocating the family to Romania. After about a month of negotiation and specification an employment contract was signed with the candidate.


As planned, the Development Manager took over the existing projects and also managed in the first year of his activities to identify new investment opportunities and start-up with on 2 brand new projects worth 90 million EUR. Thanks to previous experience and contacts he managed to quickly establish functioning relations with real estate brokers with whose assistance he is managing to quickly identify potential investment opportunities and sell existing projects.