Alpha Search

Case study 1


Hardware developer and vendor, strengthening its position on the Polish market.


Search for candidates for the position of Country Manager, who will stabilize the sales and service team and increase market share through the distribution network and cooperation with end-customers - telecom operators. Must understand principles and have contacts within the hw/sw distribution network in Poland and also be experienced with large account management at the international level.


The project was conducted in very strict confidentiality, as it was the replacement of existing employee. We called potential candidates after careful consideration of the meaning to do so and provided them just little information in advance of the personal interview.

We focused on Sales/Distribution Managers within distribution companies who cooperated with the large end-customers and Sales Managers in suppliers of hardware to telecommunication operators in Poland, for which was the position interesting career move.

As the requirements specified in the profile were very high and limited group of relevant companies and candidates, it was necessary to analyze the market in detail. At the end, we have contacted more than 100 potential candidates, before compiling shor-list, containing 6 candidates.

We have scheduled meetings between client and candidates in Warsaw 6 weeks after the kick-off of the project.


The client has chosen one of the presented candidates and presented him employment offer through us. The offer was not fully in line with expectations of the candidate, as it was prepared with medium and long-term incentives, taking into account achieved results. Our final task to help to find compromise was completed after several exchanges of information between the client and the candidate and employment contract was signed.