Alpha Search

Cooperation principles

This often happens when you least expect it. You are contacted by the consultant from an executive search company who wants to know, if you would be interested in a particular job. What can you expect and require from us?

Non-disclosure of shared information

Should you decide to participate in the executive search project, you can become afraid that you are risking your present job. You have the right of confidentiality ensured by our company and the client.

In order to ensure confidentiality, we will:
  • provide the results from our personal meeting to the client and any other parties based only after your approval
  • contact your directly, not through other persons
  • contact the person you have provided for the purpose of a reference only after your approval
  • not inform anybody outside of our company of your participation in the executive search project; this applies to all our employees
  • warn the client to ensure it does not disclose your identity.


You will have to share detailed information about your current and previous jobs and as a payback will receive as much information as possible about the position.

This means obtain information about:
  • the profile and role of the position
  • the compensation package
  • the organisation structure and culture of the client's working environment
  • the reasons why is the position vacant

Be aware that you could not receive all required information during the first meeting with the consultant, as he could be limited by confidentiality requirements from our client. Sensitive information is usually provided during personal meeting with client.

Professional approach

Our consultant will keep you informed about the project development and will provide you with information at agreed time.

After the personal meeting, our consultant will provide you with open and full feedback. It also applies to your meeting with client.

The consultant's professional approach means that:
  • he fully understands the presented job and client expectations
  • the interview is well thought-out and well organised
  • demonstrates in-depth knowledge of the market and the client
  • will answer all your questions honestly and openly

When arranging meetings, the consultant will respect your existing job and comply with your avaiability.

Support when negotiating compensation and feedback

We will inform you about the available compemsation during our personal meetingĀ and your requirements will be fully presented to the client.

We will manage negotiations between you and the client regarding the details of the job offer. It removes the risk of any misunderstanding, which may arise during the negotiations between the client and the candidate, and may potentially endanger further communication or even cooperation.

Once you accept the job, our consultant remains in contact with you and the client. After 3 months, he will provide you with formal feedback and fulfilment of expectations from client and vice versa.

Candidate's approach

The executive search process is not a one-way street. There are a moments, when you can contribute to the process and strengthen your position for further negotiations and cooperation.

We recommend:
  • Be open and honest. Provide correct information in your CV, do not distort your work experience
  • Show your interest or refuse the offered job without delay
  • Be flexible when scheduling the meeting with our consultant and client
  • Prepare yourself. Find as much information as possible about the client
  • Have realistic expectations. Understand that the executive search process requires time
  • Be aware of your value and set realistic requirements
  • Negotiate in good faith.

Do not rely that your success is a "chose faite" only because you will establish pen and friendly relationship with our consultant. Remember, that the consultant's task is to present several qualified candidates and it is only the client who will make the final decision.